Easy Updating Keeps Our Ebooks Timely

typewriter-time-headerOne of the disadvantages of print books is that they’re costly to update. Costly in terms of both time and money.

Now with fiction this isn’t an issue. When War and Peace was done, it was done. But the information in non-fiction books is always changing, let alone issues of corrections and fixes.

Ebooks of course are easily updated from a distribution standpoint Рyou simply  upload a new file to Amazon or Barnes and Noble or wherever. Even better, the existing owners of the ebook are notified about the update and can instantly see the changes (for free or for an additional fee, depending on the situation).

But what about updating the ebook files? How easy is that?


For small changes, updating a Word document is simple, but suppose the update requires moving information around or even dramatically changing the structure of the entire book?

Our ebook system solves all of that because the content is stored in WordPress. Need to move an item to a new part of the book? Simple switch its category. Need to add a new term to the index? Just enter it and then check of all the content to which it applies.

The time from entering new content or changes, to the time of exporting the file and uploading to the online bookstores is dramatically reduced.

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