100 Beginner WordPress Tips

beginner-wordpress-tips-500WordPress is a user-friendly website content manager, but how easily are you using WordPress?

Like any software, it has its own way of doing things and in this ebook you’ll ¬†find the tips and tricks to using WordPress on its own terms.

Unlike most books and websites that talk about what WordPress plugins to use or how to hack code, this ebook is about the day-to-day tasks you do, no matter what theme or plugins you use. It’s about working smarter.

The book is divided into 7 sections:

  1. Setting Up, Maintaining, and Securing WordPress
  2. Working With WordPress Admin Screens
  3. Posts and Pages
  4. Writing With WordPress
  5. Images, Video, and Audio
  6. Widgets and Menus
  7. Themes and Plugins

Each section features dozens of tips, fully illustrated with screenshots from the latest version of WordPress.


And each tip has a section filled with exceptions to the rule or added points to keep in mind, plus warnings when necessary. Plus there are links to related tips.

You can also access tips through an indexing system – think of a term or concept you’re interested in and see all related tips:


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