More Like Apps Than Books

Getting you great information should be only half the story of non-fiction books – getting it to you easily should be the other.

What we aim for in our ebooks is a flow of information that’s fast, intuitive, and comprehensive.

It’s fast because virtually every part of the book is linked, so you can jump to where you need to be – fast. Just like an app. We all know that we don’t necessarily find what we’re looking for right away, and if you have to spend a lot of time getting to the next possibility, that’s not very fun.

The structure of our ebooks is easy to understand and all the controls are always at your fingertips. Just like an app. You don’t have to guess how to get somewhere or know where you are. You can see.

We may be about tips, but our tips are detailed and thorough. If there’s additional information elsewhere in the book, we link you directly to it. And we talk about exceptions to the rule (no more cursing the author who forgot to mention that one time it’s not going to work).

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