A Revolutionary Type of Non-Fiction Ebook

revolutionary-ebookI love ebooks. You can read them anywhere, on any of your devices. You never lose your place, you can make the print bigger, and you can make as many notes as you like. They’re great.

But there’s a problem when it comes to non-fiction books.

If I’m reading a novel, I just go from page to page, first to last; it’s a linear reading experience. But we don’t read non-fiction books that way.

I may buy a book about real estate and immediately go to the chapter on first-time home buying. And then I want to skip to the section on non-traditional financing. Ok, I can go to the table of contents and find that section, but what if I want to get quickly to a part of the non-traditional financing chapter? And what if I suddenly want to find anything in the book relating to mortgage rates?

Even a really detailed table of contents still involves jumping back and forth between it and the content.

See How Tips ebooks solve these issues by creating highly-structured books with a user-friendly linking system that means you don’t have to leave the page to skip quickly to another point in the book.wpbt-sample-navigation-tips-page