About George Plumley

gp-may2013-casual-closeup-cropped-for-gravatarsI’ve been helping people understand websites and the web for almost 20 years, and I’m always looking for new ways to make information clearer – through websites, print books, video, online coaching, and now ebooks.

In recent years, I’ve been doing a lot of work with WordPress, because I think it’s the most user-friendly way to manage websites. So my books and videos have focused on how to use this incredibly-flexible software.

WordPress 24 Hour Trainer (Wiley, 2011) was a book/DVD combo that first came out in 2009, with a second edition in 2011. It came out of a free WordPress video help site that I’d started a year earlier, called SeeHowTwo.com.

I’ve done a number of video courses on WordPress for VTC.com and Infinite Skills.

I also wrote a book for any type of website, called 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website (Wiley, 2010) – which acts like a kind of virtual consultant.

I see this series of ebooks as a natural merging of the website and book formats that I’ve been working in. I think they’re going make it even easier for readers to get the information they need, quickly.