Video Tour Of Our Navigation System


Because of the revolutionary nature of our ebooks, it can be hard to picture exactly how they work. So we made a video that gives you a quick tour of all the ways you can navigate one of our ebooks.

Social Media Boot Camp – Victoria BC


My parents always said I needed more discipline, so I’m off to Boot Camp on October 19… Social Media Boot Camp in Victoria BC to be precise. Hopefully I’ll become more disciplined with Facebook and Twitter, let alone the rest of […]

More Like Apps Than Books


Getting you great information should be only half the story of non-fiction books – getting it to you easily should be the other. What we aim for in our ebooks is a flow of information that’s fast, intuitive, and comprehensive. […]

Nanaimo Library Talk About WordPress Tips


I’ll be at the downtown Nanaimo Public Library branch on October 23 to talk about my ebook 100 Beginner WordPress Tips.  I’ll take audience questions and see if we can solve them live, on screen, and I’ll be sharing tips […]

100 Beginner WordPress Tips


WordPress is a user-friendly website content manager, but how easily are you using WordPress? Like any software, it has its own way of doing things and in this ebook you’ll  find the tips and tricks to using WordPress on its […]

Easy Updating Keeps Our Ebooks Timely


One of the disadvantages of print books is that they’re costly to update. Costly in terms of both time and money. Now with fiction this isn’t an issue. When War and Peace was done, it was done. But the information […]